Hamster Cage Advice – What Is the Best Hamster Cage?


When you are out to purchase a hamster cage, you will see many of them with different designs and sizes. It would become a little difficult for you to choose the exact thing that you want if you have not done your research before going to the market to purchase the hamster cages.

Your choice depends on many factors. First of all, you will have to know how much space you have. Secondly, you will need to know the place where you want to put your large hamster cage. If you have space, then try to purchase a large hamster cage as it will make your hamster happy and you will be able to add accessories to it.

You can get large hamster cage in various


forms and materials. You can get hamster cages made up of plastic. You can also find the hamster cages made up of wire mesh. The wire mesh cages will have a solid base either of plastic or wood. Prefer plastic as it would need little maintenance and will also last long.

Remember that your hamster needs quite a large area to enjoy his life to the fullest. So make sure that the hamster cage is large enough. Another thing to keep in mind is that one large hamster cage must only have one hamster. To put more than one hamster in one cage is not recommended.

You can also make your large hamster cage more useful and attractive to your hamster by adding some accessories. Adding a wheel which will be fun for the hamster. While adding any accessories, make sure that you are purchasing the accessories which are not made up of toxic material and are not dangerous for the hamster.

You can also add ladders in the cage. According to websites such as besthamstercage.com –  This will give a natural environment to the hamster as they like to climb and play around. If your hamster cage is not large, then adding such accessories will not be possible. So make sure you go for a large hamster cage.

Also, make sure to add wood shavings in the cage. A substrate is crucial to make the cage as close to the natural habitat as possible. The hamsters love sand and putting some sand in the cage will make them more comfortable.

Placing your hamster habitat in a suitable place is also important. Do not put it in the areas which are exposed to direct sunlight. You must make sure that other pets do not roam the area like dogs and cats as this will make your hamster uncomfortable and uneasy.

Beware that the hamsters like clean homes and cages. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage to keep your hamster happy and healthy.

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What is the Best Chew Proof Dog Bed – A June 2017 Guide

chew proof dog bed

chew proof dog bedThis article focuses on providing you with information on choosing the best heavy duty doggy bed that can resist chewing, tearing and scratching.

It’s a fact of life that dogs love to chew on things like furniture and positions. We love our pet pooches, but they are not so innocent when you leave them alone in the house and have destroyed items. Certain types of dogs are more prone to chewing. Puppies are prone to chewing and dogs that are bored.

It is not easy to pick the perfect chew proof dog bed for your pet, and there is a whole range of choices out there to choose. Brands such as Kuranda, K9, and Coolaroo have created a lot of great beds that can be considered as chew resistant or indestructible.

Typically, a chew resistant dog bed will be constructed of a heavy duty durable material that can resist clawing, gnawing and chewing. A good heavy duty dog bed will also come with a non-chew warranty that will guarantee the quality and issue a replacement or a refund if your dog manages to chew through it. According to doggytoggery.com/chew-proof-dog-beds – You can find a lot of chew resistant beds online and at pet stores across the country.

Chew Proof Beds are constructed from a variety of materials. Vinyl Weave is a strong chemical, oil, and water resistant fabric that is very resistant to tearing.

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How to Choose the Best Hamster Cage

Hamster cage is the house of your hamster, and everyone chooses his house correctly. A hamster cage

hamster cages

best hamster cage

must have good ventilation, should be easy to clean and should be comfortable for your hamster. It should also ensure that the dwarf hamster remains safe in its cage and doesn’t go outside. If you are going to buy a new hamster cage for your dwarf hamster or if you already have one and wanting to upgrade to a better version – this article will help you in finding the right one.

Types of dwarf hamster cages

Wire top hamster cages

Their bottom is made up of plastic and top is wire based. These come in sizes of 12 mm (0.5 inches) and 8 mm (0.3 inches) which represent the distance between each bar. As mentioned above, the smallest size is around 0.3 inches which ensure that the hamster will remain in his cage. It is the best suitable option for you. When buying a wire top hamster, you must also ensure that the cage is properly made, and none of the wires are in such a shape that they could be hard your hamster.

Advantages of buying wire top hamster cages

  • They provide easy ventilation for your hamster to breathe.
  • Cleaning of wire top hamster cages is quite easy.
  • They come with a lot of accessories like wheel and water bottle.
  • You can easily access your hamster in these cages.

Disadvantages of buying wire top hamster cages

  • In these cages, hamsters usually tend to throw out the bedding from the cage.
  • It can produce some sound when opening or locking the door.
  • The hamster may like to chew the bars.

Glass tanks cage for hamsters

These are aquariums converted into a glass tank cage for hamsters. Many of them come with ventilations, and some don’t. Various sizes of these tanks are available in the market. You can get them in both with covers and without covers.

Advantages of glass tanks

  • Hamster is firmly sealed inside the tank.
  • Hamsters could not eat or chew because there are no bars.
  • You can easily see the hamster.
  • They provide stress-free access to your hamster.

Disadvantages of glass tanks

  • These cages can be excessively heavy.
  • Cleaning them is hard.

Plastic cages for hamsters

These plastic cages come with attachments and tubes. They also can be easily expanded.

Advantages of Plastic Cages

  • As said before, these are very expendable.
  • All cages contain accessories like wheel and water bottle.
  • They have a thick layer of bedding.

Disadvantages of Plastic Cages

  • The ventilation system is not that good.
  • Just like water tank cages, these are hard to clean.
  • Chewing of bars by hamster is also a problem in these.

Self-build (DIY) hamster cages

There are various tutorials available on the Internet for creating your hamster cage. You can also buy it from other persons who have created them. These come in various shapes and sizes. Although these are not very professionally made but can help you in providing extra choices. It is not easy to write advantages and disadvantages of these cages. If you want to buy them, you can search the web for self-build (DIY) hamster cages. If you take time in finding the right cage for your hamster, the hamster will forever remain happy. However, if you buy some cage in a hurry, it could cost you your hamster. Buying a good hamster cage is a must. If you read this guide properly, you will be able to make the right decision. Whether you buy a glass

tank, a plastic cage, a self-build or a wire top cage, make sure that you are buying from an accredited Seller. Happy hunting for hamster cages!


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savic hamster heaven

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